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Christensen has introduced a new approach to teaching painting -- this workshop is not for everybody. It is designed for the painter who has made a serious commitment to artistic growth and is willing to engage in an intensive study of the fundamentals of outdoor painting. This workshop is structured to cover a lot of territory in a concentrated period of time.

The goal with this intensive workshop is to create an accelerated/highly structured learning environment that will help you achieve breakthroughs that have the potential to change the quality of your work.

This workshop will include classroom lectures, demonstrations, painting sessions, field study, study of deceased master works, Q&A sessions and critiques.

"There is a path to excellence in landscape painting and Scott Christensen knows it very well. His understanding of color, value, temperature, harmony, orchestration, composition and reserve are shared with uncommon clarity and purpose. His workshop setting supports total saturation of these principles. Within hours, I was trying to apply this knowledge to quick studies in the field. This was the catalyst for my growth in the workshop and well beyond. Letting go of old habits in my work was necessary and only as painful as I wanted it to be. What Scott teaches his students about painting isn't just technique. In him, I saw a tremendous willingness to remain teachable. There is a great lesson in that." -Gavin Brooks, MD

Some artists paint well and some teach well, but Scott Christensen excels at both. He is one of the most giving and transparent instructors I have ever met. His lectures make the difficult clear and his demonstrations are a tour-de-force that leave people amazed. Every person in the workshop, regardless of their level, made significant advances. -Bart Lindstrom

Scott’s enthusiasm and energy were contagious! The workshop set me free from the idea that my work outside had to be a finished painting. I'm free to explore and learn. The quick studies have been exhilarating! With this new approach I have painted more outside than I used to. I see my work taking a great leap forward. -Rob Colvin

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7-Day Workshop June 14-20
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Airport transfers to/from Jerez airport, approx. 20 minutes away.
Comfortable quaint lodging in a rural setting.
Daily transportation to painting sites.
Daily transportation to Arcos towncenter and nearby attractions.
Easels, equipment and supplies as requested by instructor.
Live models and references as requested by instructor.
Breakfast daily. (egg, toast, Andalucian ham, cereal, yogurt, fruit, coffee, juice, milk, etc.)
Lunch daily. (menu varies daily)
Bilingual Guides.
Use of art library, art studio, pool, restaurant and art supply store.
Wet canvas storage and other services.
World class instruction, service, scenery and attractions.
New friends, wine and a lot of fun!

"Scott Christensen presents a tour de force of nature as we know it: uncommercialized, vibrant and constant. His minimalist technique and limited palette maximize your view of nature's panorama with soft, impressionist images." ~Steve Kendall, Kendall Fine Art

To ponder a Scott Christensen painting—be it of the Snake River gathering autumn from a cluster of cottonwoods, the Pacific Ocean swelling and breaking against the rocky coast of California, or a breathless morning in a southern marsh— is to trade for a moment the thrum of daily life for the buoyancy, the hopefulness of nature. In these works are traces of something Wordsworth once said, about how in the outdoors we find reflected the very spirit that drives our imaginations. Like the landscape itself, there is in Scott's work a sense that the painting is forever on the cusp of movement, that the light and leaf, the bloom and backwater, exquisite as they may be in that moment, are but one bright beat in the larger rhythm of the natural world.

Given that Scott rarely picked up an artist's brush until his college years, some would say he came to the canvas late indeed. Yet in a sense, art was with him all along. One of the strongest memories of his Wyoming boyhood is visits with his grandfather, who, having been injured in a farm accident and confined to a wheelchair, gave himself over to painting. "What I remember best," Scott says, "is the smell of paint in that house." That, and the fact that some of the only times his grandfather was content was either in front of an easel or showing off his work to his grandson.

Christensen, whose paintings are now collected by people around the world, was reared in Lander, Wyoming, son of hardworking parents who passed on a strong commitment to excellence and dedication to athletic competition. In fact, Scott did not direct his focus to art until he was sidelined by a serious neck injury in college. The life as he'd known it for so long melted away like a June snow. In the year following graduation he gave up a teaching and coaching position and launched a study of the great masters of traditional art, developing through this ongoing study a solid definition of good art. Early on, for example, he was struck by how the impressionists tended to sacrifice the drawing aspect of their art in order to get just the right vibration of pigment, producing works with an uncanny degree of light and atmosphere, paintings that fairly shimmered with color.

At the same time he strove to figure out how best to incorporate those aspects of nature that would make his painting stronger, without becoming a slave to the scene by trying to put in everything, pushing beyond what a painting could bear. For guidance he turned to the works of Sir Alfred East and Edgar Payne, men who were extraordinarily inventive when it came to selecting and arranging the most important elements of a scene. "You have to make sacrifices," Scott explains. "Maybe you're standing in a place where the sky and the mountains are very dramatic; the trees have incredible color and the water is vibrant. You have to decide what you want your painting to be about, render that element most important, and then paint everything else to support it."

Christensen currently resides in Victor, Idaho where he recently completed construction on his new craftsman style studio and elegant exhibition space.

Micaiah Hardison founded Bravura Academy to unite the world's best oil painters with earnest students seeking advanced instruction. He strives to inspire students and instructors with an authentic Andalucian experience in these magical landscapes steeped in history. Micaiah lives and paints in Arcos and directs all workshops as your bilingual guide.

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