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Coastal Spain

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“Between reality and dream”. That is what its most famous literary legend states. Time has left us many quotes from artists of various lands, all resulting from the inspiration emanating from its whitewashed walls and its silhouette on the cliff. Securing its future safekeeping, in 1962 the old quarter was declared to be a ‘Complex Monumental Historical and Artistic’, an institutional acknowledgement that its original essence has survived to our modern day.

Arcos de la Frontera is a living reference of its past as historic memory, tradition and stone remain defiantly as man passes by. Arcos is as Gonzales Ruano stated, a “display of the anthology of all Andalucia”. Both past and present live together in Arcos, neighborhoods from different centuries and periods, mingling in perfect harmony.

A prototype town on a hill, Arcos de la Frontera sits elevated over a series of cliffs placed on the edge of the river Guadalete on the inside of a winding meander in the middle of the waters journey. High above the horizon, it possesses and unequalled silhouette which has inspired so many metaphors. Arcos enjoys an extraordinary setting with close access to the sea as well as the hills. Realities and dreams interlaced under the same sky.

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