Bravura Academy
Bravura Academy
Bravura Society
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Bravura Society is a new international membership-based nonprofit association that strives to empower painters by hosting an international stage for paint-outs, competitions, shows, news, resources and gallery representation.

Bravura Society is open minded and visionary, using proven methods in innovative and strategic ways. We leverage our resources and strengths wisely while remaining focused on our member’s aspirations.

     • FREE resources, newsletters and member webpage
     • DISCOUNTS on products, workshops, and competition fees
     • EVENTS: paint-outs, competions and shows
     • GALLERY exhibit opportunities
     • EXPOSURE with Bravura Society’s international promotions

Create a global alliance of plein air painters and associations by sponsoring and promoting events such as workshops, paint outs, competitions and shows in
venues that stimulate learning and facilitate the advancement of our members on an international stage. We strive to attract and maintain the membership of
the best plein air painters of our time by offering the opportunity to paint, teach, exhibit and learn in new places around the world and be show cased as a
valuable resource for all members.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: $60 USD (Approximately 40 €)
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